Inflatable Rental Checklist

Are you ready to rent one of our inflatables? Use each checklist as a guide to help you before, during, and after your rental! If you have any questions, please call us to help you make your day the most enjoyable experience. Thank you for your business at Inflatable Fun Zone.
Before Arrival of Inflatable Setup

Is there plenty of room to set up the inflatable? Check dimensions of inflatables and add a few feet for the tie downs and blowers.

Is the ground level and not on rocks or standing water?

Is there space to get equipment to setup area? (Can not lift over fences or other obstructions)

1 electrical outlet per blower. Multiple blowers need to be on separate circuit breakers.

Is there an outlet within 50 feet of inflatable?

If a wet rental, is there a water facet within 50 feet of inflatable?

Ensure the rental area is clean! (No animal feces, ants, tree limbs etc.) Please DO NOT mow the evening before or morning of the rental date. A fresh yard mow could result in a cleaning fee.

Inflatable Operation

Ensure delivery setup area is clear upon arrival and adult is present.

Ensure adult supervision at all times.

Follow contract guidelines.

If inflatable starts to deflate, EVACUATE everyone and call us immediately.

Do not plug anything else into the outlet the blowers are plugged into. Do not overload the circuit breaker.

Follow the inflatable warnings and guides.

Maintain a safe environment and no sharp objects around the inflatable.

Leave the inflatable blown up even if it rains! Deflate the inflatable only if a storm is expected and/or winds are due to be over 15 MPH.
Pickup of Inflatable
Inflatable must be fully inflated on arrival.
Do your best to remove all water and dew from the inflatable.

Ensure all personal belongings are removed from the inflatable.

Ensure the inflatable is free of dirt, mud or grass to avoid a cleaning fee.

You do not need to be home or outside during pickup of the inflatable, but we must have full access to retrieve the inflatable.